Conservatory Cleaning
Conservatory Cleaning
Conservatory Cleaning

New conservatories can cost many thousands of pounds. Under poor weather conditions plus prolonged exposure to UV light they can become dull and ‘tired’ looking over time. Green algae in particular can quickly make the newest looking conservatory look like it has been built many years earlier. This can also makes the internal view very unsightly.

In addition to these weathering problems, the guttering can also become blocked up with fallen leaves. Cleaning and maintenance is essential to keep any wood or UVPC conservatory looking its best at all times.

  • We will clean your conservatory working with the manafacturers guidelines.
  • We use soft cloths and specialised cleaning fluids so your conservatory is not damaged in the process.
  • we will use special equipment like long reach poles and pure water systems that allows it to be cleaned from the ground omitting the need for placing ladders against any part of the structure which could cause damage.
  • Pressure washers will not be used on conservatories.
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